Our work

We are seeing now is the birth of a global movement of neurodiversity in the labour market, school system, civil society and governments across the globe.

We are proud and honoured to play a role as pioneers in this movement. We are still learning but we have learned enough to say that there is no reason to wait anymore if you want to be part of collaborate effort towards more sustainable businesses and societies through neurodiversity.

Thorkil Sonne, US Ambassador to the OECD Jack Markell, moderator Francesca Colombo, Head of Staff Ingrid Barnsley, Head of HRM Daniel Fuster
UN World Autism Awareness Day Observance. Left to right Thorkil Sonne, Governor Jack Markell, Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
My Square – My Neurodiversity
Our Squares – Our Neurodiversity

Square Concept

Square Foundation is working on co-creating a concept as an encouragement for everyone to enable environments where neurodistinct and neurotypical people alike are being our best self and bringing out the best in each other’s.

Our ambition is to inspire companies to drive neurodiversity in minds and systems in workplaces, schools, communities and governments in markets across the world.

We are in the experimentation phase for testing a concept promoting neurodiversity in minds and systems with IKEA supported by Ashoka and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship. You will find information related to the concept when it has been tested.

Ashoka DELA Fellows supported by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and IKEA
Ashoka DELA Fellows supported by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and IKEA

Square Foundation is working with

Promoting and driving awareness initiatives and knowledge sharing around neurodistinct individuals’ experiences;

Establishing a strong presence as a thought-leader and enabler in the ecosystem for all individuals and groups;

Challenging existing barriers, bringing mindset change to impact the system

Square Foundation is achieving this through

Creating a forum and space for exchange of experiences and ideas to create understanding and destigmatising.

Highlighting and sharing personal stories to connect with people, nourishing creativity and collaboration

Leveraging stakeholders and their networks to create a momentum and readiness for change